Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Does the concept luxurious indulgence conjure up images of long and extended afternoons languishing in the beauty of life's luxury brands, tantalizing your delicate taste buds with the delicacies presented by celebrated chefs, feasting your eyes on the gallantry of show jumpers scaling the bar, beautifully clad women gently trotting the manicured lawns in their best heels and glamorous chic outfits, with the harmonious sound of Sterling EQ filling your ears, and your gaze on the streamline configuration of pure Italian bred Lamborghini, luring you into the world of fast cars?
Then you are about to attend Le Kap Lifestyle Fair in association with Lamborghini, one of the best events showcasing just about every luxury object of envy you can imagine. Don't forget to suck it all up while pairing the gourmet bites with the delicate bubbles  of Veuve Cliquot.....or perhaps washing it down with the finest wine. With this year's theme being Royal  Ascot inspired chic, there can be no doubt about the amount of glamour parading the scene. Keep a firm eye on the front row with your investigating gaze glued to the elegance of the collections on the runway to be presented by none other than  Jacques LaGrange, Thula Sindi,  Craig Port, Carducci, and Luisa Spagnoli, South Africa.
If you haven't decided on an outfit yet, now is the time to pay a visit to your favourite designer or go shopping  for that awesome frock that is sure to turn heads. This year's event takes place on the 5th December 2015 at Webersburg, a boutique wine farm nestled in the lush Stellenbosch area, with an elegantly restored Cape Dutch homestead, serving as a perfect venue to this sophisticated event. Click on the link to book your ticket now if you wish to rub shoulders with the well heeled.....or to take your taste buds on another adventure, or perhaps to simply indulge in an unrivalled experience. 
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Could any other place in the world have inspired Pichulik's latest collection better than the long, balmy afternoons of fall in Tuscany? My recent travels took me through the winding roads, cascading up and down the rolling hills of this beautiful Italian province, luring you into the mystical and magical alleys with narrow cobble stone streets, and letterboxes so inviting, you'd keep your eyes glued to it for mail. This time of year sees the most beautiful  colours representing a kaleidoscope of Rust Reds, Yellows and Greens, with autumn leaves falling to the floor. Life here is really slow before winter, with most stores closing for a little siesta by noon, only to re-emerge much later in the afternoon, inviting latecomers to an early dinner, or perhaps just a wee drab of Grappa to tantalize the taste buds for the evening's serving. 
The temperature drops slightly, allowing you to take long, languid afternoon strolls after a delicious lunch at one of the sidewalk cafes, indulging in carefully crafted starchy pastas drenched in lip smacking cheesy sauces, sipping it down  with Chianti.....and so Pichulik took inspiration for her beautiful range of adornment from the charming Tuscany. Like all her previous collections, it represents a unique design, each encapsulating the essence of a work of art. When visiting Tuscany in Fall, remember to take advantage of the bounty of seasonal fruit and vegetables, hence my indulgence in Artichoke filled pizza......And so this blog gently eases into becoming a lifestyle, travel and fashion platform.   
The Lena collection is aptly described as encapsulating a feeling of Tuscany, through an olive grove before the down pouring of summer rain.

All photographs of scenery on location in San  Gimignano and Volterra, Tuscany, Italy.

 Pichulik, an all South African Brand.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


The Caam Gallery in De Waterkant served as the runway for a fashion show with a twist. The fashion due, KlukCGDT ,opted for an unusual form to display some of their collection, and engaged a number of different photographers to each interpret the collection in their own unique manner. It rendered an interesting and fascinating display of photographs shot from different perspectives. Each of these artists,  rendered different results with great creative flair, and a unique presentation. Guests mingled amongst static displays of beautiful garments draped and suspended from the roof, and models holding a stationary pose for so long that they began to look like permanent mannequins on display. It represented the true culmination of dynamic artistry between these two designers who has been working together since 2003.Their brand continues to push boundaries, with a distinct style, and much in demand.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Cloaks, capes and coats, ideal gear for a Cape storm in Cape Town. The staple of a cold winter wardrobe, at Cape Town Fashion Week, and David Tlale's show. So what to wear when one of our most iconic designers hosts his show at an art gallery of note at 10h00 on a Saturday morning in windy Cape Town? I don't normally loose sleep over what to wear, but this one took some careful deliberation. A grand affair, but not to much swag, a morning event, not requiring much grandeur either. A little out of the box, but not to flashy. After all, one does not want to detract from the object of somebody else's show! So I opted for a monochrome look wearing a slim tapered down skirt, suede boots, with a boucle Cape for a dash of splendour sourced from an Eastern European clothing store, found during my many travels to strange cities. You will never be alone when you opt for monochrome. A safe choice I'd say. Complete Black ensembles are always a good option and the "go to" look as can be seen from the sparkling and charming Michelle Heslop from the Bromwell Boutique who sported a gorgeous Black coat and boots, and the charming Asanda Sizani, a doyenne of fashion and former editor for Elle South Africa who sported a beautiful traditional outfit in monochrome. No doubt the event was attended by all the fashion cognoscenti and trendiest from Cape Town, including the revered publishers of the uber chic and fabulous Opulent Living magazine team, Florian Gast and Barbara Lenhard, seen here with Vicky Pappadopoulos, who creates fairy tail journeys to bespoke travel destinations for Opulent Living Travel.


Monochrome Cape - Monton
Skirt - Trenery
Boots - Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoulder Bag - Burberry
Brooch - Chanel
Shades - Miu Miu

Saturday, 5 September 2015


It's hard to imagine that David Tlale only entered the fashion scene in 2003 when he won the Elle New Talent competition, and named best designer by the Sunday Times. His designs are always challenging convention and displaying a little boldness. His fabric exudes luxury and the models are statuesque,gliding down the runway with the stealth of thoroughbreds. He always chooses to display his collection against a backdrop that is unusual. This year, his bridal collection took place at another venue of note, being a prominent art gallery, where all guests were seated in the front row. Filled with ghost chairs and parading to the music of Maria Callas, he certainly succeeded in leaving us in awe. He has also shown in New York and has become one of South Africa's most sought after designers. His  collection includes a ready to wear range which can be found at the flagship store in Sandton, and at the Bromwelll in Cape Town. David totally defied expectations and excelled to the top, ranking well with those who hold distinguished style and quality in high regard.