Wednesday, 27 April 2016


The return of the palazzo pant is something that I am truly relieved about. It makes me feel confident and leaves  me with more than enough space to breath and to move about with comfort. It's a  trend that can be easily adjusted to suit different body types, and elongates the legs when you wear it with a high heel. With this pair from Witchery, available at the stand alone store in the V&A Cape Town,  being very long, I could not wear anything else but stratospherically high heels, adding a handsome 11 cm to my 1,78 metre frame, rendering my look rather statuesque. With a little luck, I found these ultra comfortable shoes being marked down to a very irresistible price  in Milan at an Outlet store, stretching the value of the poor South African currency a little further. Palazzo pants are most versatile, and can just as easily be dressed down with a pair of loafers and a denim jacket, sporting a more casual look. Share your view on this phenomenon and let us see how you style them! 

Palazzo Pants - Witchery
Coat - Custom Made
Shoes - Old
Hat - Department Store
Bag - Robinsons
Scarf - Woolworths

Saturday, 23 April 2016


I can not imagine attending something more inspirational than Jackie Burger's soirees.With the Pierre Olivier Art Centre as a backdrop, it's as if real life becomes a theatrical display. The theme for her 5th soiree was Awaken Winter, beautifully curated with installation fashion, scrumptious food, motivational talks, and ending with a styling session and very captivating dance performance by a revered artist.  The morning started off with a discussion about the here and now, with the emphasis on doing and making as opposed to done and made. 

With Jackie at the helm of things, we all left in awe, and with a  clear message of rethinking our methods, obviously also wanting to remodel our wardrobes. A few models were challenged to style jackets and coats including the likes of Kluk CGDT, H&M, Adriaan Kuiters, all creating their signature and unique looks with a short fashion show. 

I wore block heels, a printed shirt, jeans and a coat from H & M's recently launched Conscious Exclusive Collection, made from recycled clothing and yarns, only to find the beautiful Bonnie Mbuli sporting the same piece with a pair of heels that turned heads. Now feast your eyes in the splendour of what announced the arrival of winter, in true style. 

Coat - H&M Conscious Exclusive
Jeans - Gucci
Crossbody satchel - Gucci
Shoes- Charles & Keith
Top - Anne Klein

Monday, 11 April 2016


Let me introduce you to someone you may already know, but let me also show you a side to them, which perhaps you didn't know. H & M is no newcomer to the fashion scene, and with stores across the world, they make a considerable contribution towards the fashion movement, retailing across the world. They supply a broad selection of garments affordable to all, and a more exclusive collection known as "studio", not to even mention "conscious exclusive". When they refer to "sustainable" fashion, they mean big business. Last week saw them launch the "conscious exclusive collection" in selected stores around the globe. Inspired from the Artwork in the Louvre, Paris, France,  their design team studied the  masters for about a year, and then  came up with prints of ethereal beauty, and a collection inspired by the likes of Boticelli. I was left in awe, and a little confused about what to buy and what not. The collection is so stunning, that I could easily have succumbed to it all, but promoting the concept of sustainable fashion myself, and not always being able to contain my obsessive compulsion to surrender to all things gorgeous, I had to exercise a considerable amount of  self control. I popped in to the flagship store in the Victoria and Alfred Mall on Saturday evening, (yes stores are open until 21h00) only to find two dresses that were both irresistible, quite befitting for a queen. I decided to sleep over it, and by the time I returned the next morning, one was gone. Sadly, I left with just one, but after having already indulged in a number of other items the day before, quickly recovered. Here is a sneak peak of what is in store. I will be styling these items in different outfits soon, so watch this space for more excitement, and off course, environmentally friendly fashion!

Monday, 28 March 2016


The culotte has come and gone, but always remain a welcome trend. I completely surrendered to the phenomenon and could practically  live in them. Wearing it with the corset top as seen during fashion month, takes it to the next level. It is worn just about every way imaginable,  and most successfully done in layered looks, combined with oversized shirts and dresses. The longer the sleeves of the shirt, the better. This look is left entirely to your imagination, leaving you free to move boundaries. I've even seen a shirt tied as a corset top worn over another bulky shirt, with the sleeves tied together to form a neat bow at the front. Let go of your comfort zone and experiment with the trend. I jumped with joy  in these pom pom lace up shoes.... adding some more fun with John Lennon inspired shades.

Culotte - Witchery
White Oversized Shirt - H&M
Corset Top - Country Road
Shoes - Asos
Blazer - Stuttafords, old
Sunglasses - Prada

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Cape Town is abundant with shopping malls and streets, and when two Stylistas set out to play, with both having  a penchant for fashion and extravagant shoes, the only constraint would be wearing the wrong footgear! Beware when going out shopping not to destroy your venture by wearing uncomfortable shoes. Hence my decision to step out in wedges that provide ultimate comfort. Ever heard anybody say "I'd rather be dead than seen wearing ugly shoes?". I could do more justice to the culottes by stepping out in high  heels, but wasn't in the mood to squeeze my already tormented feet  into a  mould that resembles the pyramids of Giza. 
There is a certain stage in your life when comfort starts taking preference, especially after having subjected your poor feet to the misshapes of certain sought after shoes..... painted Red on the soles for extra dazzle. It might be cute to succumb to the luring aspects of those triangular shapes walking on stratospheric heights,  but it's poor punishment to your feet. Take my word for it, been there, got the T shirt. And the surgeon's knife to undo my indiscretions of the past...... It's hard to find a shoe that is both befitting to a shoe fanatic and allowing your feet to be enveloped in it's natural shape. So for now, I am settling for comfort.
So what's the style point of departure ? When wearing culottes, you need height. Strutting the cropped pants with  flat shoes is like squashing a chocolate cake into a pizza shape,  so the solution is to find balance between a slight heel that instantly gives a more slender look to the legs. If higher heels is not an option for you, opt for culottes that are slightly skinny and tapered down, and be mindful of the length by carefully studying your profile before you embark on a mission. Best is to take a photograph to look at yourself and adjust the length from a distance. Perspective, that's what it's all about. The kimono jacket is a staple item in my wardrobe, and this cropped version in animal print Suedette by Michelle Ludek, is a perfect workable piece. To get an honest picture, I  admit that I look somewhat shorter than my statuesque 1,78m in my lower heels.  Shop Michelle Ludek at the Watershed, V & A Cape Town.

 Cullotte - Country Road
Shoes - W Collection at Woolworths
Kimono Top -  Michelle Ludek
Tote - Michael  Kors
Sunnies - Prada
Make Up - Bobbi Brown