Monday, 1 September 2014


When a 26 year old is nominated as one of the Top 10 Must See Designers at the Design Expo in Cape Town, she is about  to emerge as a star! She has turned something traditional into a modern "must have" item in your closet and reached a global audience when the Elle magazine's editor, Jackie Burger,  was seen wearing one of her cropped capes outside the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. That occasion certainly took her to international stardom! I mentioned her designs before when I spotted it at Cape Town Fashion Week worn by an attendee, and  immediately logged on to where I found a cropped cape made to order! Being cut on difference angles to the pattern of Basotho blankets, each one sports a different motif.
This emerging creative is  a Lesotho born South African designer, and had no idea that her love for drawing dresses as a little girl, would turn her into a successful  designer of international calibre. To crown it all, she was invited to showcase at Vancouver Fashion Week this month!
Her designs can be found at Merchants on Long in Cape Town as well as a number of other stores countrywide, but if you wish to shop without leaving home, simply log on to hellopretty who will have it delivered to your door!
Where to shop:
Thabo Makheta Cape can be found at
Plaid Pants - Belle Epoque
Brogues- Gorgeous Feet, New Look
Turtle Neck - Queenspark
Leather gloves - Woolworths, previous season
Sunglasses - Dior
Embossed Leather Handbag -  Florida Road, Buenos Aires

Friday, 22 August 2014


One of the many designers who showed at MBFWCT recently  was Lazuli, a trio of women who commands attention with their very feminine collection. This year's show  presented  soft hues of White, Crème, Grey and Taupe, with swinging skirts and flouncy jackets falling down to the floor. The mother and daughter team continues to impress with their  very wearable styles, and other than the midriff tops, the pants and skirts are most suitable for women of all age groups. The floral printed skirt was received with great admiration, and most of these items should be in store soon. I can just imagine myself slipping into that  full circle skirt with a crisp White button up shirt. After all, summer will be here soon, and to my mind, that skirt needs a good home...... The never ending trend of Nude shoes definitely calls for these prints !
 The design trio, Foziah Cassim, Layla Cassim and Zarah Cassim

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


A fashion affair is an occasion to challenge your creativity without turning it into a freak show, and during which you may  create a platform for exploring your own personal style, to set trends and to rock your look with confidence. A matinee show is way to early to dress up in to much bling, but a perfect occasion to experiment with the trend of print on print.  I took random shots of outfits that grabbed my attention, and for the Advanced Style event that took place just after lunch on a Friday afternoon, this is what grabbed my attention, print on print per excellence!

Monday, 18 August 2014


I captured a few sensational outfits during MBFWCT recently, some of which were unusual and others eclectic, some outrageous and others just simply stunning. One  such outfit which simply could not escape my  intrusive lens, was that of Allana Foster Finley, a women with a long history in fashion and a dynamo on the front of social  development.
Although she consults for different industries, she focuses on fashion to develop social issues, and is certainly an ambassador for South African brands. Here she wears Thabo Makhetha,  a young designer from Port Elizabeth, who uses Basotho blankets to construct these beautiful and elegant capes, a piece that has the potential of becoming very sought after, if not  a collectors item! 
Thabo's garments can be bought online at, or directly from her website with the same name. I neglected to introduce myself to Allana, but I know the unauthorised publication of her stylish looks will be well received.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I take great pride in discovering women of substance, and when I prowled the foyer of Fashion Week in Cape Town in search of the superwomen, dressed immaculately  yet stylish, fashionable but not overwhelmingly trendy, I spotted this chic lady.
I was in awe with her monochrome outfit. She carried it off with the confidence of a queen, looking regal and elegant. She is none other than Roshan Isaacs, the editor of online publication and magazine, Style Africa. Look at the detail of her beautifully constructed turban...... how gorgeous is that?
She certainly is a force to reckon with, although she appeared humbled by my request to photograph her. I took a peak at her interview with Spice4Life, who wrote the following:
I think the most significant barrier to female leadership is… trying to be someone else, and worse trying to fill a mans shoes.  Women are nurturers and when applied in a workplace it’s amazing what you can accomplish.
The biggest challenge for the generation of women behind me will be… to define the role of women in the workplace as not equal to men but different and for men to acknowledge that a women's role is far bigger than the office role alone.
My top three tips for women in business are…
  1. to be successful you must have a thirst for knowledge,
  2. Never drop your standards, know yourself and always deliver your best.
  3. Don’t be greedy, perfect what you do and your efforts will reap the right rewards.
After having read her story about how she got to the top, I am convinced that she is the epitome of inspirational women. After all, that's what this blog is all about, women who aspire to inspire.


Saturday, 9 August 2014


The allusive cat may be an endangered species, but the phenomenon to sport leopard print will never become extinct. And even if it does, it has a charm and beauty in a league of its own. If the executive chairperson of AFI, the stylish Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe wears it, there must be something to it! By the look of the outfits worn at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town at the end of last month, it is evidently clear that it's here to stay. The opening night saw Marianne Fassler showing a magnificent collection of ethnic print, with leopard firmly entrenched in her display of African inspired frocks. Watch this blog for more about her collection at a later stage. I myself took to the jungle for inspiration, and wore a little leopard to add some spice to my look. 

If you find fur offencive, my coat is not for the faint hearted as Swakara is the subject of many heated emotions, remaining a controversial issue.  Processed in Namibia, and highly sought after in the rest of the world, it's the only country who may call the wool of the Karakul lamb, Swakara.  The pelt of the curly lamb is also known as Astrakhan elsewhere in the world. The harvesting is a painful thought, but the beauty of Karakul fur is everlasting and strikingly elegant, each piece becoming an heirloom and a work of art, skilfully crafted by expert furriers. 

I captured a few attendees who represented the leopard print in many different looks, have a peek, and get use to it. No wonder DvF calls animal print the new neutral....

Compliments to Mercedes Benz who hosted the Fiftyfabulous team in the VIP lounge, allowing us to be duly rehydrated between shows on the opening night.

Also seen wearing the trend, the stylish Executive Chairperson of Africa Fashion International (AFI), the charming Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe
The uber chic and sensational new C -class, driven by innovation.
Unknown attendees, each wearing it in a unique way.
 Look at the subtle blend between print on print...
  Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe with Jen Su, Sky News Anchor
 A sneak preview of Marianne Fassler's collection...
Coat - Swakara
Napp Leather skirt - Asos
Suede Boots - Faith
Clutch - Marc Jacobs
Gloves- Prague street market
Leopard Print shirt - Belle Epoque

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


The beauty of Fashion Week is that you can be a little bold, or wear anything creative, hence my decision to sport bright mustard yellow tights with an otherwise monochrome outfit. Monochrome is always chic and elegant, but sometimes you have to bend the trend a little further to give the look a creative edge, hence my decision to ad some spunk to my bold window pane print and mismatched skirt, yet still blending harmoniously. I call this harmoniously mismatched. I am smitten with the trend, and in spite of not enslaving myself to trends but rather to dance to my own tune, I welcome this phenomenon with open arms. One can ad any striking colour with a single accessory to break up the monotony of single colours, and still preserve the carefully matched look. With the addition of my over the knee boots, I felt like a true musketeer.
Coat - Tesco
Skirt - Peter Pilotto, modified to make it longer!
Boots- Kelsy Dagger
Handbag - Chanel